Plexilent’s Smartwatch Fitness Solutions, powered by Telink, offer advanced, multi-functional fitness bands and smartwatches. These devices excel in sensor processing and communication with ultra-low power use, ideal for smart fitness enthusiasts.

Smartwatch Fitness by Plexilent: Advanced Tech

Smart Wearables

Plexilent delivers a comprehensive solution designed for fitness bands and smartwatches, handling crucial functions such as sensor processing, communication, and inference within a low power envelope. Our solution is finely tuned to balance performance and power efficiency, ensuring that wearables serve their purpose effectively without draining energy.

We see wearable devices as more than just accessories; they are the keystones that will pave the way for upcoming technologies. They hold the promise of pushing the entire IoT industry towards a future of intelligent, interconnected systems. The potential of wearables to redefine how we interact with technology and with each other is immense and exciting.

Our one-stop solution embodies our commitment to customer satisfaction. We don’t just provide a product; we offer an ecosystem of support ensuring a smooth development journey. 

Plexilent stands by to provide technical support throughout the product development phase, ensuring that our clients have the resources and assistance they need to bring their vision to fruition.


Plexilent orchestrates a full-fledged wearable solution employing cutting-edge technology to monitor and fine-tune a broad spectrum of wearable devices.

Rich Product

Plexilent offers you a wide range of solutions which is accordant to all developers to create a variety of wearables for different markets.

Dual Mode

Plexilent enables you with the latest SDKs powered by Telink in both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE for dual-mode connectivity for high-end smartwatches with advanced audio streaming and highly reliable tracking.


Plexilent understands the market’s needs and desires for durability. With the Bluetooth LE SDK, users get a high-performance ultra-low power consumption wearable solution.


Plexilent is equipped with Telink’s Bluetooth LE solutions to let wearable devices deliver continuous location and distance management capabilities, helping governments enforce self-quarantines and businesses.

Plexilent is engineered for a realm of Possibilities.

We offer customized connectivity solutions to OEMs to meet diverse requirements, facilitating the seamless development of user-centric wearables.