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Plexilent is your go-to IoT Platform for free-to-brand turnkey solutions in smart homes and commercial arenas. We’re all about delivering groundbreaking technology right to your doorstep! Our smart ecosystem is crafted to transform how you engage with and experience your living space.

Kuldeep Gupta.

CEO Plexilent

Our vision is to create a global IoT platform with easy accessibility, adaptability, enabling the connected world with innovative solutions.

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Plexilent is on a continuous journey to create solutions that enables access to latest technologies in all aspects of life.
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Mellisa D.

Chief Marketing

David J.

Chief Technology

Jessica R.

Chief Operating

Bluetooth Mesh.

Plexilent’s mesh network recreates intellect in every element, acting both as master and slave, eliminating point-to-point failure. This network broadcasts signals to control numerous luminaries from anywhere, with over-the-air (OTA) feature updates for continuous cutting-edge experiences. Even offline, each fixture resumes its last state, showcasing the network’s robust flexibility.

Core Highlights


Mesh Network Formation

Utilizes BLE mesh technology, each element acts as both master and slave.


Signal Control

Network elements broadcast BLE mesh signals, controlling various luminaries.


Over-The-Air Updates

BLE mesh enables over-the-air updates, ensuring seamless fixture control.

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