Smart Spaces

Plexilent’s Smart Spaces offers a comprehensive feature packed solution that harnesses the latest technology to control and fine-tune a wide array of devices. This includes lighting, fans, switches, and more, enabling effortless management of your smart environment

Smart spaces

The Smart App

Plexilent’s App propels you closer to a smart space tailored to reflect users’ distinct needs, while offering a simplistic navigation interface.

Whether you possess a handful of smart fixtures or you’re a home enthusiast with a myriad of connected gadgets, the Plexilent Smart App is geared to enhance every smart space interaction. This app serves as both a commissioning tool and a remote gateway, encapsulating control right within your fingertips.

Plexilent’s technology paves the way for our partners to devise and evolve solutions essential for a full-featured control system across various devices including lighting, fans, switches, and much more. The Plexilent Smart App is crafted to be compatible with every modern smartphone & tablet, encompassing both Android and iOS ecosystems, making smart control accessible across a broad spectrum of devices.

User Interface

The user interface of the Plexilent Smart App is meticulously designed with a user-centric approach, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Each aspect of the interface is thoughtfully crafted to cater to a diverse user base, making it incredibly easy to use regardless of technical proficiency. The intuitive layout allows for effortless navigation, making the management of your smart space straightforward and enjoyable.

Moreover, the design embodies a fine balance between simplicity and functionality, ensuring users have all the tools they need at their fingertips. The ease of use paired with a clean, intuitive design ensures that controlling a vast array of devices including lighting, fans, switches and more, is a breeze with minimal effort. Even as the complexity of connected devices in a smart space grows, the Plexilent Smart App’s user interface scales gracefully, continually promoting a hassle-free user experience. This thoughtful design not only enhances user satisfaction but also significantly contributes to making every interaction with your smart space a delightful experience.


Plexilent orchestrates a comprehensive feature-packed smart space solution utilizing cutting-edge technology to control and fine-tune a broad spectrum of devices including lighting, fans, and switches.

Switching Luminaires
On & Off

Easily manage the lighting network with Bluetooth; switch luminaires on and off with convenience.


Adjust luminaire brightness smoothly with a slider interface, providing immediate and precise control over lighting levels.

Changing The
Colour Temperature

Easily modify the colour temperature of connected luminaires using a vertical slider, allowing for instant, precise adjustments.

Luminaires &

Organize multiple luminaires into groups for synchronized control, enhancing efficiency for simultaneous on/off operations.


Efficiently share luminaire control with multiple users via a BLE-based mesh. QR code sharing enables easy access without sign-ups, all token-based for security.


Choose colours for RGB luminaires using a user-friendly wheel, or for more precision, use advanced RGB and HSL sliders to create the perfect ambiance. This dual approach caters to both quick selections and detailed color tuning.


Craft the perfect lighting scene for any occasion. Easily save your settings for scenarios like dinners, work, or promotions, and swiftly change the ambiance with a single click for events or meetings.


Program your lighting to automatically activate scenes or actions at set times or intervals. Perfect for scheduling regular events, like morning awakenings or evening relaxation, with your custom scenes.

Plexilent is engineered for a realm of possibilities.

We can customize applications for vivid requirements, catering to OEMs while ensuring a streamlined transition for the users