Human Interface Device

Plexilent delivers a robust, feature-packed connectivity solution utilizing cutting-edge technology, enabling OEMs to fine-tune and enhance interactions across a wide range of Human Interface Devices.

Human Interface Devices

Human Interface Device

Plexilent crafts a robust connectivity solution tailored for Human Interface Devices (HID), emphasizing seamless communication and precise control within a power-conscious framework. Our solution fosters a responsive interaction between users and an array of devices.

We regard HID technology as a conduit for enriched user interactions, paving the way for nuanced communication in an interconnected ecosystem. These devices are instrumental in enhancing user engagement, and ensuring intuitive control.

We offer more than just a product; we provide a pathway for OEMs to navigate the development journey with ease. Plexilent is committed to offering technical support through every phase of product development, empowering our clients to transform their innovative ideas into tangible solutions.


Explore the realm of enhanced interaction and precise control with our HID solutions, designed to bridge the gap between users and devices seamlessly


Plexilent enables you with the latest SDKs powered by Telink, in multiple modes of operation – Bluetooth LE, RF4CE & IR for serving as the foundation of universal remote controls.

Dual Mode Connectivity

Plexilent enables you with the latest SDKs powered by Telink in both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE for dual-mode connectivity for high-end smartwatches with advanced audio streaming and highly reliable tracking.

Plexilent is engineered for a realm of Possibilities.

We can meticulously tailor firmware solutions to cater to diverse requirements, ensuring a seamless integration experience for OEMs within the HID domain.