Remote Control

Over the years, remote controls have often been challenging for consumers. Plexilent’s Smart Remote Control, with its IoT development, brings a significant improvement. Maintaining the familiarity of physical buttons, we’ve enhanced functionality with voice assistant technology. This Smart Remote Control offers a seamless, intuitive interface, aligning traditional use with modern smart technology.

Smart Remote Control

Remote Control

The new intelligent remotes have revolutionised the IoT market, enabled with virtual assistants & always-on voice detection featured with recognition abilities to create an intuitive & integrated environment for smart homes.

Over the past decades, remote controls have been a source of frustration for consumers. With the rise in IoT development, remote controls have become much smarter. The old conventional physical keypad buttons, which are confusing to navigate menus are replaced with voice assistant enabled remotes.

Plexilent equips all the developers with Telink’s feature rich, user-friendly solution to create an impact in the RCU market.

Providing a control in your hand 


Plexilent commissions a complete featured pack lighting solution using the latest technology to control and tune all ranges of lighting fixtures.


Plexilent enables you with the latest SDKs powered by Telink, in multiple modes of operation – Bluetooth LE, RF4CE & IR for serving as the foundation of universal remote controls.

Power Consumption

Plexilent understands the market’s needs and desires for durability. With the Bluetooth LE SDK & exceptional RF performance users get a high-performance ultra-low power consumption RCU solution.

Voice Recognition

With all technical advancements in the IoT market, Plexilent offers you a cutting edge solution to maximize the impact of latest features and functionality.

Plexilent is engineered for a realm of possibilities.

We offer tailored connectivity solutions to meet diverse requirements, empowering OEMs to provide intuitive remote control experiences to their end-users.