Introducing the Plexilent, The Star of Smart Home World Magazine’s Latest Issue

Plexilent is the IOT platform supporting the free-to-brand turn key smart home and commercial solution to anyone. With a revolutionary solution, Made in India, our product & solution delivers an exceptional user experience focusing human-centric ecosystem.

We deliver solutions for all evolving sectors like Lighting, Smart Wearables, Remote Controls, Audio enabled devices, HID applications and many more. For all lighting applications, irrespective of fixtures, we have a complete embedded solution for lighting application that supports features like controlling light intensity, tuning the CCT & opting for RGB colours from a collective group of 16 million colours.

Using the Plexilent Smart app you can control all the luminaires at once using your smartphone or tablet, and define parameters such as brightness and colour for each luminaire or luminaire group.

The scheduling timer enables you to automate entire lighting scenes. Once, programmed, your smartphone no longer needs to be in the range of Plexilent enabled fixture – the timer continues to run independently.