Plexilent commissions a complete featured pack lighting solution using the latest technology to control and tune all ranges of lighting fixtures.


The Smart App

Plexilent’s new and improved Smart App takes a big step towards a smart home that reflects users’ unique needs & is easy to navigate.

Whether one has a few smart lights or the user is a home enthusiast with dozens of connected devices, the Plexilent Smart app will improve every smart home experience. The Plexilent app works as the commissioning tool & also acts as a remote gateway.

Plexilent lighting technology gives a possibility for Plexilent’s partner to implement & develop anything needed for a pack featured lighting control system.
Plexient Smart App is built for every modern smartphone & tablet in both Andriod and iOS ecosystems.

User Interfaces

Plexilent is designed with a variety of possibilities to reconfigure & adapt to the existing designs of the brands. Therefore, we can customize an app for vivid requirements despite users’ technical competency promoting easy transition for the users.

Plexilent’s app is ergonomically designed to make it easy for anyone to commission and control. The app is featured with intuitive gesture control: tap a luminaire to turn ON and OFF, swipe the slider to control the intensity and colour temperature and fiddle between 16 million vibrant colours.

The integrated AI quickly identifies the type of luminarie & exhibit screens according to the installed fixture.

Additionally, the app offers a range of preset scenes which is customizable according to user requirements. Users can also set a scene and schedule it for the future for all installed luminaries.


App Features

Switching Luminaires On & Off

Using Bluetooth you can conveniently switch the luminaires in a network on and off.

Dimming Luminaires

Suitable luminaires can be dimmed. The setting can be saved and reactivated at any time with a click.

Changing The Colour Temperature

If the connected luminaires have the option of changing the colour temperature, this can be regulated and saved by swiping vertically

Luminaires & Groups

If required, you can create groups. This is a useful option if multiple luminaires often need to be switched on or off at the same time.

Multi-Admin Support

You can control and define all parameters from multiple devices simultaneously and also share with easy QR code based sharing.

Changing Colour

When RGB illuminates are connected, you can adjust the colour simply by using a colour selection wheel. The selected colour can, of course, also be saved.


Create the right lighting scene for any occasion. Save your own scene with the appropriate light for dinner, your work environment or a shop promotion. Then you can simply click the scene and quickly modify the lighting to the most suitable for the occasion, for example for an event or for a customer appointment.


You can define all parameters and create a custom scene according to your mood and comfort. With a press of a single button, you can set sunrise and sunset and enjoy the phantom of gleaming scenes.